A picture is worth a thousand words. Now you can capture moments of your life and loved ones with more than just a picture.

We have few, very good caricaturist, who will hand-draw caricature based on your photo, and we will get it designed printed on a canvas, t-shirts, coffee mugs and more.
Unfortunately none of the softwares are good enough to create a decent caricature out of a photo. Stroke & Skills is unique in a way that here we don’t use softwares to make a caricature. Our caricaturist actually hand-draws, making each and every caricature unique. Such a caricature definitely stands out and makes eyeballs turn !

What our clients say

It was an awesome work . I will frame it and hang it on a wall . I will recommend to everyone . A funny memorable pic . It can be gifted to your friends on birthdays also .

Amjith Gangadharan